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Drinking Too Much Of Tea?

Drinking Too Much Of Tea? 10 Reasons That Tell Why You Shouldn’t

1. Too Much Intake Of Caffeine Can Cause Restlessness: The caffeine content in tea certainly has some good effects on our body, but it can affect people differently. Too much tea can lead to restlessness, anxiety, increased heart rate and trouble in having a sound sleep.

2. Withdrawal Symptoms: If you have depended too much on tea or the caffeine in it all these years and grown a psychological affinity with it, then there is every possibility of you having withdrawal symptoms like headache, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating if you suddenly decide to curb the overdependence on the stimulant.

3. Skeletal Fluorosis: This is one of the most dangerous health problems of drinking too much tea. Tea has a high content of fluoride and taking too much of this drink makes you vulnerable to fluoride toxicity. Excessive drinking of tea can lead to skeletal fluorosis, which is a painful bone disease caused by overconsumption of fluoride.

4. Prostate Cancer: This is the worst side effect of drinking too much tea. Research has shown that people who consume several cups of tea in a day have 50 percent higher chances of developing prostate cancer than those who don’t. However, factors like diet, age, family history, etc., also matter in such cases.

5. Kidney Failure: This is a rare ill-effect of having too much of tea, including iced tea, but nevertheless, it is not an impossibility. Recently, a 56-year-old American’s kidney failure was linked by doctors to excessively high intake of tea.

6. Constipation: While many believe taking tea in the morning helps us to have a clear bowel movement, too much consumption of tea can cause the opposite health problem. A chemical in the drink called theophylline can lead to a dehydrating effect on stools passing through intestines, causing constipation.

7. Stomach Discomfort: The caffeine in black tea can make your stomach produce acidic substances after consumption and your body might not find it easy to absorb. Black tea is a strict no for those who are suffering from ailments like a stomach ulcer.

8. Cardiovascular Problems: Those having heart ailments or are recovering from cardiovascular disorders should avoid black tea, as the caffeine in it is not fit for the cardiovascular system and hence can pose this health problem due to excessive consumption of tea.

9. Possibility Of Miscarriage: Uncontrolled drinking of black tea is not good for pregnant women, as its caffeine content can harm the fetus and pose a threat of miscarriage. In fact, expecting mothers should avoid tea or coffee completely.

10. Diuretic Effect & Sleep Disorder: Caffeine in tea can lead to a light diuretic (a substance which increases urine production) effect if taken excessively. It can cause disruptions in sleep and fatigue. Drinking tea doesn’t cause a diuretic effect unless its amount consumed at once contains over 300 mg of caffeine, which is equal to six cups of tea. Drinking tea should hence come with some responsibility. Besides, avoiding too much drinking of tea, it is also important to avoid tea that is too hot or concentrated or which interferes with the effect of any medicine that you are taking. Therefore, take tea moderately and enjoy its numerous benefits.




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