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Educate Yourself on Fluoride

Continue to Educate Yourself on Fluoride


Thank you to those involved in the effort to alert Durango citizens to the dangers of long term water fluoridation.

I would encourage all citizens, young and old, to check out discoveries about this long-standing practice in the past ten years. Information on the American Dental Association or Environmental Protection Agency websites does not reflect any of this new research.

Reputable studies, conducted by reputable scientists, have uncovered flaws both in the original research, and new findings that should be startling to health professionals and educators with an open mind for the truth.

It is time to ask important questions, like why are there so many developmental, behavioral, digestive and general health problems in our children?

Another huge spike in dental fluorosis has just been recorded in adolescents, from 41 percent in 2016 to 57 percent, indicating fluoride toxicity. At this rate, all children will have fluoride toxicity in 25 years! We were promised never more than 10 percent. This is not right.

I encourage all citizens living in the city to filter their drinking water. Great resources for those wishing to learn more about fluoride are The Fluoride Deception (book or film), by Chris Bryson, an award-winning investigative reporter; the Fluoride Action Network website,; and our website:

We feel education is the key to protecting our health. Because more new information is regularly uncovered about the dangers of fluoridation, we at clean Water Durango will not be deterred and will continue to move toward our goal of a fluoride-free city water supply.

James Forleo




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